Sunday, July 12, 2015

Burned Bacon

I made breakfast for dinner including bacon, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with cheese. I always used to make bacon on the stove or griddle, but it was so time consuming to watch it and messy. I started putting it in the oven instead and never looked back. I should have looked back today though as I burned half of it. I ate the middle out of a few of those pieces, but the rest was still good so I shared that with R. For some strange reason, J doesn't much care for bacon. I know. He must be alien. It was super hot in the kitchen while I was cooking and I ended up dripping sweat by the time it was ready to eat.

Still no sign of Little Man. I'm convinced he's in the basement ceiling, but I'm having trouble bringing myself to find out. There's only so far back I can see even with zooming in my camera. I still feel awful and keep checking on my remaining animals to make sure they're ok.

OCD is kicking my ass as always. It's so much fun to be afraid all day of every day! I get brief relief on some days when it isn't so bad. The other days it's all consuming. I haven't been outside today at all. I probably should get the dogs out at least. I did do some dishes though and then made dinner so I've accomplished a little. Oh and I wrote a post for a blogger to earn a little money.

I want to start my small goals again tomorrow: four glasses of water and my multivitamin, body weight exercises four times a week, and dancing or walking for at least 15 minutes three times.

We'll see what happens.

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